Community Council of Tacoma

Community Council of Tacoma (CCoT) is a coalition of all eight Neighborhood Councils (NCs) in Tacoma: N End, N East, W End, Central, New Tac, Eastside, S End, & S Tac. See here for interactive map.

CCoT meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30pm via Zoom. As an open meeting, all community members are welcome to attend. Each Neighborhood Council has two votes per board for any motions during meetings (see here for CCoT Standing Rules & see here for CCoT Bylaws).

City of Tacoma (CoT) Standards & Guidelines states the mission of all NCs is to, “…create an environment in which residents are afforded an opportunity to meaningfully discuss City programs and policies that affect the neighborhood, bring neighborhood concerns, priorities, and goals to the attention of the City, and encourage diverse relationships and representative participation where residents feel included and empowered to contribute to improving the livability of their communities.” Per Tacoma Municipal Code 1.45.060, CCoT serves all the NCs, “…as a forum for discussion of issues of broad interest or Citywide impact, and the advocacy of the needs of individual NCs.”

Email CCoT for more information:

Author: senco253

South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

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