Who are we?

The South End Neighborhood Council (SENCo) is one of eight Neighborhood Councils formed by the City of Tacoma in 1992. We are an independent non-profit corporation that addresses issues and concerns at the neighborhood level and works cooperatively with neighborhood groups for the attainment of neighborhood goals. SENCo seeks to encourage the participation of all citizens in the governmental process and maximize the use of resources through the concepts of community and group organization through utilization of available services and funding sources. We believe quality of life within our neighborhoods is a common interest, and it is our goal to prioritize social and economic justice by building and maintaining relationships within our communities. SENCo aims to foster a partnership of open communications between all groups, the City of Tacoma (CoT), and its neighborhoods.

While SENCo Board Members must live within Neighborhood Council boundaries, the term “Neighborhood Council” not only includes the 11 SENCo Board Members, but all residents, property owners, business owners, and employees who live or work in Neighborhood Council boundaries.

Governing documents: Bylaws, TMC 1.45, CoT Standards & Guidelines

We are Working Together to Make the South End Better …for everyone in the South End!

Current Board Members

Seat 1  Judy Ly

Seat 2  Melissa Knott

Seat 3  David Thompson

Seat 4  Tony Caldwell

Seat 5  Cheryl Kopec- Treasurer

Seat 6  Eric Paulsen

Seat 7   Emily Hernandez

Seat 8  Vacant

Seat 9  Ralette Churchwell 

Seat 10  Andrea Haug – Chair

Seat 11  Rachel Wilkie-Corresponding Secretary

Odd numbered seats elected in November of odd numbered years.

Even numbered seats elected in November of even numbered years.

When and where do we meet?

Our monthly General Meeting is held at 7pm on the first Monday of every month except for December when we recess for the holidays. 

Currently we are grateful to be hosting all of our meetings over Zoom    (Meeting ID: 783 240 9538).                                                                                           

In the before-times, our in-person meetings were held where our office & mailing address is still located:  Fire Station #8 on South Alaska Avenue (4911 South Alaska Avenue, Tacoma WA 98408)

Where are we on a map?


The South End Neighborhood Council area (highlighted in yellow) is about seven square miles with a population of about 55,000.

The boundaries are as follows: North: I-5 East: Pacific Avenue until East 72nd Street where McKinley becomes the eastern boundary South: South 96th Street West: I-5

Click here for a boundary map.

Why are we a neighborhood council?

In September 1992, the City Council passed legislation designating eight Neighborhood Councils whose boundaries correspond to the City’s traditional planning areas. Each Neighborhood Council serves as an independent, non-profit citizen-based efforts for neighborhood improvement.

Why join your neighborhood council?

The entire neighborhood benefits from a broad and diverse volunteer community to help develop projects and implement positive changes in the South End. Join SENCo and make meaningful connections with neighbors as we work towards a more livable, safe, and equitable city!


Updated November 2022

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