Walking Tour #11 PARK AVE

Saturday, Jan 14th at 9am meet in the IDEA School (6701 Park Ave S) to begin & end Walking Tour.

Your South End Neighborhood Council has monthly walking tours of South End hot spots to identify potential solutions at the ground level.

All are welcome! Join our upcoming Walking Tour #11 in the Park Avenue neighborhood. Bring your ideas, questions, & comments about the neighborhood to help inform our goals for the future of the South End.

Tea donated by our local 38th & G Starbucks! 

Questions? Email senco253@gmail.com

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Author: senco253

South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

2 thoughts on “Walking Tour #11 PARK AVE”

  1. I do have a question for you regarding the South End in general.

    What are the boundaries of the South End? It seems like it’s the largest neighborhood in Tacoma except maybe for the East Tacoma.



    1. Hello Dave!

      You are correct. The South End Neighborhood is the largest in Tacoma, both in population and area. Our North and East boundaries are the I-5 freeway as it curves, our westernmost boundary is Pacific Avenue to 72nd, and the jogs over to McKinley from 72nd to 96th, which is our Southernmost edge.

      If you follow this link it will take you to the map of all of the council districts. We are the area in yellow.


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