See below for additional information from city liaisons below. Topics in bold.

Liaison Contact Information

TFD  St. #8: 4911 S Alaska St • 253.594.7948 • St. #10: 901 Fawcett Ave 253.591.5737 •

TPD Sector 3 Substation: 1501 S 72nd St • Sector 4 Substation: 400 E 56th St    Lt. Eric Scripps, Sector 4 Commander                                                                    253.594.7948 •

City of Tacoma Linda Stewart, Neighborhood and Community Services Director 747 Market St Room 836 • 253.591.5225 •

City Council District 5 Chris Beale                                                                      253.312.0550 •

City Council District 4 Catherine Ushka                                                            253.355.1276 •

City Manager’s Office Ted Richardson, Management Fellow                  253.341.8702 •

Environmental Services Preston Peck, Recycle Reset Project Lead                      3510 S Mullen St • 253.593.7707 •

Safe Streets Darren Pen, Community Mobilization Specialist                                  622 Tacoma Ave S • 253.272.6824 •

Port of Tacoma Leslie Barstow, Community Relations Manager                            One Sitcum Plaza • 253.428.8662 •

Metro Parks Craig Standridge, Conservation Engagement Coordinator          5400 N Pearl • 253.404.3690 •

Pierce Transit Penny Grellier, Community Development Coordinator 253.589.6886

Tacoma Public Schools Lisa Nolan, Assistant Superintendent                      253.571.1252 •

Tacoma Public Utilities John Gaines, Community Relations Manager                3628 S 35th St • 253.260.0065 •


Public Service Announcement – Catalytic Converter Thefts on the Rise

Police departments all across our nation have seen a rise in the thefts of catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are an important part of a vehicle’s exhaust system and contain precious metals such as platinum and palladium. Thieves can remove a catalytic converter in minutes by cutting them off with a
battery operated saw. In Tacoma the most often targeted vehicles are the Toyota Prius and larger trucks, SUV’s and vans. You will know your catalytic converter has been stolen by the loud noise your vehicle makes when you start it up. Those who have been affected by such thefts know that catalytic
converter replacement can range between $1000 and $3000 including parts and labor.

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Tacoma Schools Liaison Report

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South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

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