LitterFree253 Thanks to All!

LitterFree253 was a total success in the South End thanks to all who came out this year! We also extend our gratitude to everyone who supported our litter team members & leaders in their participation during this event. 

Over 75 South Enders joined 8 teams from Larchmont to Lincoln and many areas in between. Over 6,000 pounds of trash was collected from over 7 square miles in the South End. Great work South End teams!

Thanks for support from the City of Tacoma, all the other Neighborhood Councils (with a special thanks to the WestEnd NC for the great tote bags swag), & most of all, thank all of you fantastic South Enders—families, kids, new neighbors, & old friends alike— for showing up & showing. you care about our neighborhood. We appreciate you all!


Author: senco253

South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

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