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See below for additional information from city liaisons below. Topics in bold.

Report & recommendations from Governor Inslee’s Task Force on Independent Investigations of Police

For more information, click here here for the summary, or here for the full document.

Tacoma Public Schools

January’s TPS January 2021 Updates Report

SENCo’s liaison Derek also provided the following answer to a question from the January meeting:

Question: When hybrid learning begins, what will the logistics/process be for checking that each student has submitted their online form via the Family App before coming to school?

Answer: It is the responsibility of each school’s COVID supervisor or their designee to monitor and check in students each day as students arrive. They will have a printout that tells them who has and hasn’t filled out a daily health survey. 

Those students whose parents have not completed a daily health survey will be kept in an isolation room. The COVID Supervisor or site administrator can contact the student’s parents to complete a health survey for a younger student. 

If a daily health survey cannot be completed, or if students show symptoms, they will be kept in the isolation room for monitoring until their parents can come to school to pick them up.

Tacoma Police Department

Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Crime Report for 2020

League of Women Voters

January Voter Newsletter

Recycling Beyond Curbside Project

What is the Recycling Beyond Curbside Project?

The Recycling Beyond Curbside Project is a project designed and intended to keep more recyclables out of the garbage. A lot of items can be recycled in the curbside recycling bins, however there are so many other products that can be recycled. This project assists with these that are often not recycled for various reasons including: people don’t know they can be recycled, they are not convenient, or they don’t have the time to search out the resources. This project is to help educate, find resources and help in making recycling these items more convenient.

Why was the Recycling Beyond Curbside Project started?

I made my first trip to the Tacoma Recycling Transfer Station and was shocked by all the products that could be recycled there which I had no idea about. The Recycle Flyer the city sends out only shows three items for drop off so I never looked into it more until this trip. I realized that if I was throwing all these things away because I didn’t know I could recycle them, I bet others were as well. If I was going to be making the trip to the Recycling Transfer Station to recycle my items, why not combine these with neighbors and save on gas and time instead of us all taking small boxes of items over or instead continuing to throw these items in the trash due to convenience.

What products are accepted through the Recycling Beyond Curbside Project?

The following get combined in 1 bin:

  1. Produce bags
  2. Plastic shipping envelopes, including blue & white Amazon bubble mailers
  3. Bread bags – NO other food bags
  4. Dry cleaning bags
  5. Case wrap – like around cases of water
  6. Product overwrap – like toilet paper, paper towels, etc
  7. Deflated air pillows
  8. Newspaper bags
  9. Bubble wrap
  10. Zip lock bags – MUST be clear of ALL food residue

The following get combined in 1 bin:

  1. Plastic clam shells (Plastics #1-7) – stack inside each other as best you can – MUST be clear of ALL food residue. Wash & dry these prior to recycling
  2. Plastic cups (Plastics #1-7) – Such as those from Starbucks
  3. Snap & screw on lids (Plastics #1-7)

Separate the following into their individual bins:

  1. Packing peanuts need to be in a tied plastic bag by themselves
  2. Shredded paper needs to be packed in a paper bag and secured closed so that it does not blow out or spill
  3. Batteries (Button & Household only) – Please separate rechargeable from non-rechargeable. All button batteries go with the rechargeable batteries
  4. Light bulbs (NO incandescent) – bring so they won’t break, will be combined into one box
  5. Styrofoam blocks, FDS & LPDE Foam Blocks – if large, broken down into two or three pieces, will be combined at the drop point with others. Remove any tape
  6. Empty aerosol containers – Please ensure they are empty
  7. Denim in any shape 
  8. Toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers 
  9. ARM & HAMMER™ and OXICLEAN™ plastic pouches
  10. All brands of empty writing instruments, glue sticks, watercolor dispensers, paint sets, and flexible packaging

I can be reached at Recycling.Beyond.Curbside@gmail.com
Thanks! April Smith, Larchmont Neighborhood

Author: senco253

South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

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