Please see below for information from our TPD Liaison Lieutenant Eric Scripps:

1.       311 is still operational and running.  This is the preferred method of filing neighborhood concerns that do not meet 911 criteria.  This helps the city as a whole track the concern and route it to appropriate staff (Neighborhood and Community Services, Code Enforcement, Homeless Outreach Team, Community Liaison Officers etc.).  Use the following link for a chart:

2.       We do have some Community Policing staff remote working during this time to lessen their chance for exposure.  If our Patrol Division staffing gets in trouble due to virus quarantines then Community Policing staff may be tasked with backfilling.  Staff that is remote working still have access to email, the 311 system, and most, if not all, have their desk phones forwarding to department cell phones. 

3.       All police substations are still closed for public use.  Unfortunately, we do not have an anticipated re-open date currently as information continues to be updated concerning our virus response.

I hope this finds you all well,


Lt. Eric Scripps

Tacoma Police Department


Author: senco253

South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

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