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South End Community Members Needed for South End Strategic Neighborhood Action Plans (SNAPs)!


Your South End Neighborhood Council has been working with your City Council Members, Safe Streets, and UWT on a process to update the South End Neighborhood Action Plans (SNAPs).

If you did not know we had one, this could be because the previous version is more than 20 years old! Updating the SNAPs plan will help us focus our goals for improvements in the South End.

We are currently inviting community members from across the South End to participate in helping inform the goals of the new and improved SNAPs. All are welcome, and in keeping with the South End Neighborhood Council’s commitment to promote an equitable and anti-racist community, Black and Indigenous community members, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, individuals with disabilities, youth, seniors, immigrants, and refugees are especially encouraged to participate.

Take Part 1 of the SNAPs survey here. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Take Part 2 of the SNAPs survey here. Add your comments to the map.
Please feel free to share survey links with your South End neighbors & friends.

Check out the 2021 Strategic Neighborhood Action Map dashboard where we are building on data we collect. These data will inform our priorities in a South End Neighborhood Council SNAPs Committee dedicated to addressing the outcomes from your input.

Community members are welcome to join in the SNAPs process at any time by attending South End Neighborhood Council meetings on the first Monday of the month at 7pm. Zoom links are posted to the main page before meetings. Our next phase SNAPs calendar of events is also coming soon.

If you are interested in participating, or have further questions, please reach out to us at
Strategic Neighborhood Action Plans

The South End Neighborhood Council (SENCo) is current in the process of updating the South End Strategic Neighborhood Action Plans (SNAPS). The current plan is from 1999 and has not been updated in over 20 years. The Neighborhood Plan states a vision for the future of the South End of Tacoma and sets out a specific set of projects across 10 different sub-neighborhoods. 

Neighborhood Plan Updates: SENCo is leading the effort to re-evaluate the needs of our neighborhoods, update the planned improvements project list for the South End’s neighborhoods, and re-engage our community in the planning process. This planning process started in the fall of 2020 in phase 1 (see project phases below), and phase 2 was recently completed in 2021 over four focus group community meetings.

Phase 2 Focus Group Links:
6/12/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group Meeting #1
6/12/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group #1 Chat
7/10/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group Meeting #2
7/10/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group #2 Chat
8/14/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group Meeting #3
8/14/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group #3 Notes
10/2/2021 SNAPs Zoom Focus Group #4 Chat

Survey word cloud: vision for the South End
Survey word cloud: biggest concern
Project Documents

1999 South End Neighborhood Action Plan

2020 Community Survey Results

2021 Strategic South End Neighborhood Action Mapping Project



Project Phases Overview

Phase 1 – community survey and kickoff meeting 

   SENCo conducted an online survey of community needs that was posted online from October 2020, to January, 2021. SENCo held an online (Zoom) meeting in November, 2020. This initial community feedback will be integrated into the planning process and SNAP update. 

Phase 2 – Neighborhood focus groups – mapping and planning  

   During 2021, SENCo, along with partners at University of Washington-Tacoma, City of Tacoma Neighborhood and Community Services, and Safe Streets, worked with key members of all of our South End neighborhoods to re-evaluate the needs of each neighborhood planning area, and determined how past identified plans and projects were completed, and created a draft set of project improvements for inclusion in the draft updated SNAP. 

Phase 3 – Draft SNAP update for public review 

   Phase 3 will begin in 2021 after SENCo and the focus groups have finalized this evaluation and planning process and a draft map is ready for review. This phase will involve the review of mapping data and additional public meetings for further feedback and refinement of the plan.  

Phase 4 – Finalization of the South End SNAP 

   In phase 4, SENCo will finalize the plan and formally adopt the plan. Other considerations may include presentation of the plan to elected officials and other agencies. 

Phase 5 – Long term implementation 

   In phase 5, SENCo will formulate a long term strategy to implement and carry out the vision and advocate for the completion of the Neighborhood Action Plan, as well as set out a process for amending the Neighborhood Action Plan over time to allow the Plan to be a living document, remaining up to date and relevant. 

What is a Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan?

The 1999 Neighborhood Plan had a list of projects; which projects were completed or not completed? 

SENCo has evaluated the previous project list and compiled a report of accomplishments and remaining opportunities in phase 2. Here is a link to the 1999 plan audit. The TL;DR is about 65% of the total projects were at least partially completed. Impressive!

How were the neighborhood boundaries decided? 

SENCo and community partners evaluated a number of map sources, including the Safe Streets neighborhood watch groups map, police sector maps, census tracts, precinct maps, city council district maps, zoning, and other data sources, in determining the appropriate neighborhood areas map for the Neighborhood Plan update. The previous map from 1999 has been further refined and six (6) new neighborhood areas were added to the map for a total of 16. 

When is the next opportunity to input on the plan?

The next opportunity for broad public input is during phase 3. Phase 3 is anticipated in fall of 2021.

How can I be involved in planning and advocating for my neighborhood? 

Attend a neighborhood council meeting soon! And check back to this project website [and sign up for email updates]!

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