Welcome Aboard Rachel Wilkie!

Join us in welcoming Rachel Wilkie, our latest wonderful SENCo Board Member!

She is dedicated to community & working to improve our neighborhood through grassroots engagement. A Costume Designer for the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle, Rachel brings her enthusiasm & experience to SENCo with awesome grant writing skills, as well as her partnerships with Local #887 Antiracism committee, Indigenous Allyship/Continuing Learning Subcommittees, & the Hospitality House Homeless Shelter.

Fun fact about Rachel: she is currently raising 19 chicks for several neighborhood backyard coops!

We’re so grateful Rachel is willing to give her time & energy to SENCo, & we welcome her aboard the good ship SENCo 🙂

Upcoming Green Schoolyard Events: Larchmont, Mann, & Whitman

Here’s your chance to be involved in the planning process for upcoming Green Schoolyard projects coming soon to Larchmont, Mann, & Whitman schools!

Larchmont Elementary : 3:30PM on Thursday, March 24 @ Larchmont Elementary (front entrance) Can’t make it? Fill out the Online Larchmont Survey.

Whitman Elementary: 3:30PM on Wednesday, March 30 @ Whitman Elementary (front entrance) Can’t make it? Fill out the Online Whitman Survey.

Mann Elementary: 3:30PM on Thursday, March 31 @ Mann Elementary (front entrance) Can’t make it? Fill out the Mann Elementary Survey.

We’re so excited to have a total of six Green Schoolyard projects here in the South End, & community input is vital to the process. Make your voices heard!

Have questions about these projects or Green Schoolyards? Contact:

Andrew McConnico  email Andrew.McConnico@tpl.org  phone 512.826.2473


Sarneshea Evans  email Sarneshea.Evans@tpl.org  phone 404.2118.2332

We Heart Fern Hill!

Thanks to everyone who came out on another beautiful Saturday morning for our 2nd Walking Tour in Fern Hill! 

Special thanks for attending & sharing their time & knowledge:

  • Jennifer Kammerzell, Principal Engineer for the Public Works Department
  • Sarneshea Evans, Program Director for the Green Schoolyard project

We learned a lot along the way about sidewalks, speed studies, traffic circles, & road repair. Information was shared about upcoming Safe Routes to School projects in this area like Baker Middle School being up next for improvements, and solutions to the speeding on E 84th St using narrowing techniques such as going from 4 lanes to 2 lanes & the addition of a bike lane were discussed. It may seem counter-intuitive, but research has shown lane narrowing helps move traffic with 33% less speeding.

Our gratitude, as always, to our local S 38th St & S G St Starbucks for supporting the South End community by providing tea for these events!

Hope to see you on our next Walking Tour in the Stafford area on April 9. Stay tuned for details! Want to receive Walking Tour updates? Sign up below 🙂 

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South Tacoma Industrial Warehouse Planned Above Our Largest Aquifer

The “South Tacoma Green Zone” amendment proposal was approved last summer by the Planning Commission to move forward, and a work-plan for the first phase is nearing a public hearing.

However, we’ve just learned that a massive warehouse complex is proposing to be built directly above the aquifer, which could critically jeopardize protection plans.

Permit Application: https://www.tacomapermits.org/public-notice-map, (put in the permit number LU21-0125)

Bridge Point: https://www.bridgepointtacoma2mm.com/

deadlines & Suggested statements to submit:

Due by March 10th to: shirley.schultz@cityoftacoma.org

RE: Public Comments for Permit Application LU21-0125

We oppose the approval of the Bridge Industries permit application LU21-0125 due to environmental injustice to the residents, urban wildlife and open green space within South Tacoma, and especially regarding the damage it will cause to the South Tacoma aquifer, affecting the entire city of Tacoma.  We request that an Environmental Impact Statement must be completed.

Due by April 5th to: planning@cityoftacoma.org

Re: Public Comments to apply to the April 6th 2022 Code Amendment Public Hearing

We support the South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District’s updated code work plan, and we encourage you to approve it to move forward in the process.  We also support phase two, regarding the Green Zone proposal for that area which will be an important second step of the plan to ensure a healthy water supply for all of Tacoma’s future. 


The South Tacoma Aquifer at times provides up to 40% of Tacoma’s back-up water supply.  Yet it is damaged and threatened from decades of heavy industrial use directly above and near this precious water resource. 

The South Tacoma Neighborhood Council amendment proposal will not only accomplish the minimum code review requirement for the “South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District”, but it will also include a larger view for the “South Tacoma Economic Green Zone” with the purpose of creating new, non-polluting, business opportunities in the groundwater/aquifer protection district.

Aquifer Recharge & Wellhead Protection Areas: 

(roughly east of I-5 & south of Hwy 16)

This shows the current zoning overlay which must be changed: 

(Heavy industrial down the middle) 

This is how huge the proposed warehouses (2.5 million square feet, approximately 50 football fields, not counting the additional non-porous surrounding paved parking areas/distribution drives) will be in comparison to other buildings. They will be directly over the aquifer and covering some of the last open land left in South Tacoma. 

Side by side to show how much M2 (Heavy Industrial Zoning) is directly above the aquifer and the size of the proposed warehouses:

A warehouse development/paving of this size will choke off critical water infiltration to recharge the aquifer as well as reduce open green-space and tree canopy needed for soil moisture retention, water-cleaning filtration as well as managing heat zones and storm-water run-off).

The SEPA Checklist information for the warehouse says:

“The completed project is estimated to generate approximately 4,980 new weekday daily trips…”
“Truck traffic is estimated to be about 28 percent of overall site-generated traffic.”

Of the nearly 5000 additional vehicle trips, that’s still nearly 1,400 more delivery trucks per weekday… and that’s just an estimate, so it could be even higher, contributing to more air pollution in an area already struggling with public health.

Very few residents are even aware of this warehouse plan, due to notices having only been sent to the small radius of mostly industrial addresses.

contact & links:

Thank you, and please contact me if you have any questions: Heidi Stephens

Mega-Warehouse in the News

STEGZ Facebook Page

Tacoma Green Zone Application Summary Points

Full South Tacoma Green Zone Application


SNAPs Walking Tour #2 FERN HILL


Saturday, March 12 from 9am – 11am, meet at Fern Hill Elementary School (8442 South Park Avenue ) to begin and end Walking Tour.

SNAPs, a SENCo Committee dedicated to updating our Neighborhood Plan, is holding these monthly walking tours of South End hot spots to identify problems & solutions at the ground level.

You’re welcome to join the upcoming SNAPs Walking Tour #2 in Fern Hill! Bring your ideas, questions, & comments about the Fern Hill neighborhood & help us inform our goals for the South End. 

Tea donated by our local 38th & G Starbucks will be available at end of walk 🙂

Questions? Email senco253@gmail.com

Want to be on the mailing list for future Walking Tours? Sign up below.

We Heart the South End!

S 72nd St & Pacific Ave Pop-Up March 1 2022

In just one hour we collected four bags of trash at our first official Pop-Up 🙂

Is there an intersection in your area that could use some love?

Let us know! We’ll pop up!

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3/1 Pop-Up Clean-Up @ 11am

Join in the fun new trend of Pop-Up Clean-Ups around town!

These Pop-Ups are short-notice opportunities welcoming anyone who is available to join us at specified times & locations across the city for an awesome hour-of-power litter pick-up.

Pop-Up Clean-Up:   Tuesday, March 1st from 11am-Noon

Location: Tackling the four corners at S 72nd St & Pacific Ave

Meet Up:  11am in parking lot of Rite Aid on SE corner of S 72nd St & Pacific Ave


Supplies for litter pick-up provided  🙂


SENCo Gen Mtg Mar 7 @ 7pm

Hiya South Enders!

Our upcoming monthly SENCo General Meeting is on Monday, March 7 at 7pm.

Here’s a link to the agenda & find links below to join us via Zoom:

SENCo March General Meeting
Monday, March 7, 2022 at 7pm

Join Zoom Meeting Online:

Meeting ID: 869 9512 5981
Passcode: 236276

Join Zoom Meeting by Phone:
253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 869 9512 5981
Passcode: 236276

Hope to see you there!


Thank You! SNAPs Walking Tour #1: LARCHMONT

Thanks to everyone who came out to Larchmont for the first of many SNAPs Walking Tours in the South End!

We had a great turnout & appreciate everyone who showed up, with special thanks to our tour guide Chris Beale & partners from across the city for their support:

Kurtis Kingsolver, Public Works Director
Cailin Henley, Safe Routes to School Coordinator
Liz Kaster, Active Transportation Coordinator
Jordan Ennis, Larchmont District Green Infrastructure Project Manager
Andrew McConnico, Tacoma Green Schoolyards Project Manager
We learned a lot along the route from Larchmont Elementary to Pacific Avenue & up South 84th Street to McKinley Avenue about the complicated process involved in getting projects approved as well as the exciting upgrades coming to the Larchmont area thanks to partnerships like the Larchmont District Green Infrastructure and Tacoma Green Schoolyard projects.
Some of the upcoming projects planned for the Larchmont area include:
We’re excited to keep adding to our neighborhood planning document, & we hope to see you at a future Walking Tour!
Walking Tours are on the Saturdays after our monthly SENCo General Meetings held on the first Monday of every month.
The next Walking Tour is Saturday, March 12 at 9am in the Fern Hill neighborhood. Stay tuned for details!