Thank You Fire & Rescue ❤️

Resources From the City of Tacoma Fire Department:

Hot Topics

Wildfire Smoke
Fireworks are banned in Tacoma
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information
Opioid Response Program
Recreational Fires and Burn Ban Status

Quick Links

Request a Record or Report
Take a CPR Class
Find a Fire Station
Become a Firefighter
Get Prepared for a Disaster

Register for a CERT Class
Get a Fire Permit
Request an Inspection

Fire Watch Form
Report a Fire Hazard
Provide Feedback
Safety Tip of the Month 
Engine Visit or Station Tour
Privacy Notice
Fire Extinguisher Self-Inspection Program
Building Inspection Program
Fire False Alarm Program
Confidence Testing Program
Non-Emergent Lift Assist Program
Proposed LNG Facility FAQs
FAQ’s about wildfire smoke
Subscribe to the City of Tacoma Emergency Notification System

Author: senco253

South End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma, WA

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